Monthly Archives: November 2014

Gary Kapanowski: No Left Turns

I was reading an article about UPS drivers that was interesting: all UPS drivers follow company private GPS software that provides routes without left turns. For many of us, this would be a welcome addition to our navigation systems. As Lean Six Sigma professionals, we can quickly identify this as a Lean (FLOW) issue. Applying […]

Gary Kapanowski: War on Waste?

Lately, there has been many business reviews and discussion on the “war on waste”. The latest is a newsletter from the Las Vegas Lean Institute. Displaying the principles of war from the German general Major General Karl Von Clausewitz extends our “LEAN EYES” far beyond the work place. I thought it would be a good […]

Gary Kapanowski: Spelling Mistakes Can Give Recruiters Pause

It seems there are three items that the labor market demands from candidates: industry experience, location, and online profile and presence. As in the article by Andrea Coombes, we should concentrate on the online details since this is something we can control to a certain degree. The latest statistics are really interesting. Although the online […]

Gary Kapanowski: How to Increase Your Productivity at Work

With the speed and connectivity of modern electronics, it is easy for anyone to get distracted during a work day. In a recent survey, 24% of workers spend 1 hour per day on personal calls, emails, and texting. In a 2014 survey performed by, 21% of workers spend 1 hour a day searching the […]

Gary Kapanowski: For General Motors, its location, location, location

For many Black Belts, selling the business case is an art more than a science. You have to make the argument that the current state is not acceptable. There are many ways to approach this but knowing your customer is always the best strategy when addressing the issue. This provides your point of view in […]