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Welcome to the homepage of Gary Kapanowski, a proven and experienced business professional with over 15 years of corporate accounting and financial specialist experience. Throughout his professional career, Gary Kapanowski has consistently demonstrated an ability to both pursue and achieve company goals in a fast-paced and deadline-driven environment.  Using continuous improvement tools such as value stream mapping, Gary has directed his lean manufacturing skills into the office to eliminate waste.

Known as a reliable and dedicated accounting professional, Gary Kapanowski is proficient competent in multiple aspects of accounting, including auditing, information systems, product support, process team leadership, tax analysis, program management, finance, staff supervision and more. Employers and organizations alike have long trusted Gary Kapanowski to lead a professional team to successful goal completion, and to provide any given organization with the guidance and expertise needed to understand, pursue and reach company objectives.

Gary Kapanowski capitalizes on a wealth of analytical, problem-solving and critical thinking skill to develop and deliver comprehensive, effective and efficient solutions to his employer. His interest in and active pursuit of continuing education programs allow him to stay current and professionally relevant. Gary Kapanowski is currently in possession of numerous professional certifications, each of which have allowed him to continually provide creativity and innovation to both corporate and government organizations during the course of his career.

Gary Kapanowski is an accomplished professional lecturer, volunteer tutor and invaluable organizational asset. His commitment to professional excellence was recognized in 2006 by both the Institute of Management Accountants and Robert Half International, which awarded him Finance Executive of the Year honors for the creation of a high-quality Balance Score Card. He has also provided many throughout the corporate community with high-quality mentorship and training.

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